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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, March 27, 2009

It was a last minute decision for me to go watch John Legend in Manila. I didn't want the free ticket to go to waste (thanks, you know who you are!). I'm sure I'll raise some eyebrows (including some people from work) with this entry but whatever. I wasn't really a fan until I saw him perform live. No tricks. No dancers. No gimmicks. He changed his outfit once (removing the jacket and tee don't count). That was it. The dude put on a show with nothing but his awesome singing voice, 3 back up singers and a live band.

Enjoy the photos and videos!

Before the concert, I was hella hungry when I saw this roasted pig


I had pumpkin soup

And the pig you saw seconds ago

Told you I was hongree

Walked to the venue from the connecting mall thirty minutes before the show started


I'm a sucker too

Word to Ali-Frazier

The piano

Hello Celine

Hello Margaux

Guess what this is

Dude came outta nowhere! Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Click to play

Hello again Margaux. Paparazzi shots FTW

Click to play

So long Manila!

Di ba?


Who watched Craig David the following night?

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Gee golly wiz that man is sexy in a wife beater! * DROOLS *