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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 01, 2009

I had this day marked on my calendar since late last year. When it was postponed to Saturday, I didn't even think twice of missing work just to be with my eldest son on this special night. Work-life balance. Seriously. You talk the talk. Now let me walk the walk.

The father and son night is part of the school's push to bring families closer. In today's society, Filipino children spend more time with their nannies and gadgets more than they do with their parents who work most of the time.

I attended a fathering seminar several weeks ago to further understand the importance of this day not only to my son but also to me as a father.

So much preparation was done for this day. Much props to all the organizers, teachers and school personnel who made this possible. I would also like to thank all of the hard-working fathers who went out of their way to attend this special night. It was an honor to be in the same place with you guys. There was so much love that my son wished the night would last forever.

On with the photos and videos.

First thing that caught my eye upon securing a parking space. R.I.P. Amiel

I don't even remember the last time I pitched a tent on my own so I watched the other dads put theirs up first before I began with ours. Straight from the box.


In an exclusive school like Ateneo, kids have the meanest tent game. I saw one with three floors, a basement and a terrace! Ha ha. Seriously though, never show up with an ugly small tent or you'll hear it from the kids, including your own.

Our tent. Click to play.

Tent twin!

During my time, there were no booths, no lighted pathways, no nothing. It was just us kids running around in the dark with our flashlights scaring the shit out of ourselves until the wee hours of the morning.

The other camp site

Attaching the hood in case it rains

Our first meal inside the tent

Movie night featuring Kung-Fu Panda

Sucks to be the dude setting up the pins

Ice cones

Heart stoppers

And the fun begins

Dirty ice cream. Yum!

Click to play

My son and I participated in a group dance composed of fathers and sons from four other classes. I think we did well.


Click to play. This was my favorite set.

Masked father and son

Time for some games!

Click to play.

We were asked to sit in front of the stage while they played a slide show

Click to play. Look for us!

Our last meal for the night

Movie time!

Rise and shine!

Swung by Banapple for breakfast before heading home.

Beef tapa. Yum!

Hot choco

It was a fun and memorable night. I got to hang out with my eldest son. Something I rarely get to do.

I hope I'm still around when it's my other kids' turn.

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