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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 07, 2009

1. A new digital camera. My Canon G9's zoom lever is broken. It'll take 14 days to fix it. Stupid service center didn't even get back to me with a price quote. Might as well buy a new one. No DSLR for me. I've always been a point and shoot camera user. I wonder if the Canon SX1 is any good. Canon Philippines, you there?

2. A new cellphone. My ancient SE K750i looks like it was chewed and spat out by a monster. 31 times. I've been looking for a brand new unit of the same model but to no avail. I'm not really a gadget hypebeast. I just need a decent looking phone and I never get tired of the k750i. I love how it matched my Canon S70 and my Canon G9.

3. Northface backpack. Ever since I was in grade school I've always carried around a backpack with random stuff inside. The last one I bought in SF is now with my eldest son.

4. A new double bed. Frame and mattress. The vintage wooden double decker single bed I have right now is horrible. It creaks when I move in my sleep and the foam mattress is hella gross.

5. Laminate flooring. The narra parquet flooring in my room needs to be replaced. It's so old, uneven and ugly. I don't care if it looks like the Louis Vuitton Damier print when I squint my eyes.

6. Airconditioning unit. Yes folks. I sleep during the hottest time of the day and I have no airconditioning unit in my room. I seriously think I'll die sometime this summer in my sleep from heat stroke. It's like 100 degrees in my room. Philippine summer weather FTL.

7. A dress shirt to wear to my homey's party on March 28.

8. A nice sweater to floss to my homey's party on March 28.

9. A pair of white kicks to rock to my homey's party on March 28.

10. A gift for my homey. He's having a party on March 28.

Swagga on a hundred thousand, trillion. Pesos.

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