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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2009

My schedule for Monday was hella packed. The first on my agenda was to go shopping for clothes and a pair of kicks to wear on Saturday. My homey Paolo finally got his degree and he'll be throwing a party at the Four Seasons Hotel in SF. Not! You're dumb if you think I'll post the actual location here, ha ha.

My to buy list?

1. Dress pants
2. Dress shirt
3. Sweater
4. A pair of Nikes. Trying to drop the stripes, eh? lol
5. Dehumidier cans for my closet.

My first stop. Zara. Peep the clothing in the back. I'm ready for Paolo's SWAGGA night yooo!

Had a quick meal at Sbarro's

Half order of baked zitti with meatsauce and a large cup of raspberry iced tea. Yum.

I had the lenses of my Guccis replaced to my prescription (with dark tint). The other store I went to wanted $65 for a pair of multicolored lens. I got the regular ones instead from Sarabia Optical for less than $10! I can finally wear my sunglasses while driving. Look for the tall dude when visiting this place. He'll sure hook you up.

The new SM City Annex is a sight to see

I received a message from Mark (weLegendary) asking me to swing by his shop after lunch. I had a meeting at 3pm so I decided to cut my shopping spree short. 20 minutes later...

Endo (PFP, Ms. Clavel) was in the house too


Meal and meeting at my favorite deli

Doing bigger things. VERY SOON.

The vault

The cured


Fresh selection of meats

Gotta love free stuff. Thanks man! You know who you are.

Saiz saiz saiz 10

Velcro sounds FTW

Why not?

No saint here

After the meeting I headed to the mall right before it closed to pick up my new pair of Nikes. Nothing spectacular. Just something I really like. 100% stars for SWAGGA night

You go see CJ-yeezy for the hypeplay, PCRIZZZY for the homoplay, Reason for diversity and me for controversy

The next few days will be tough for me.

Decisions, decisions and more decisions.

A major one will go down soon.

Watch out.

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