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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, March 09, 2009

NT'er Miko and I have been planning on going to the viewing of Francis M over the weekend but we never got the chance to since I was busy with work. Miko was really tight with Francis M. Me? I wanted to pay my respect to a legendary Filipino artist and a fellow sneakerhead. I always admired his work especially when I started DJ'ing during the early 90's. I always bugged my older brother whenever he worked with Francis M during the DMZ days. I wanted to meet the "Man from Manila." One of my goals was to be the best DMC DJ and to work with him on an album. My dream faded away after I stopped DJing. From that moment on, I became just another fan.

We finally went Monday night. Miko was already at Christ the King with his wife and Ely Buendia when I got there. I was kinda suprised at the atmoshpere. I guess they were celebrating his life instead of mourning his loss. There were probably a dozen tv video cameras in the vicinity and people didn't think twice in whipping out their cameras. It took around 45 mins before I brought mine out. I probably saw over 31 celebrities in 1 hour. All I can say is Sarah Geronimo FTMFL.

R.I.P. Francis M.

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After the viewing I swung by a nearby resto to toast one up for Jake.


I jammed to some music for Jake.

I ordered something Jake would've loved. Lechon Macau Sisig.

Last but not the least. Here's to you Jake.

3 deaths in as many weeks which have affected me.

What in the world is going on?

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