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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The problem with working the night shift is that I run out of restaurants to go to during my rest days since I eat lunch around midnight. I'm not even gonna try and punish my body by living the normal hours when I'm not working and switch back to being a nocturnal creature during work days.

Ever since the BPO industry blew up in the Philippines, almost every fast food joint in town began operating 24/7 but most restaurants still close early. It is so damn hard to find a good place to go to in the middle of the night. I can only eat so much junk food. I'd rather pay more just to get a decent meal which doesn't consist of burger, fries or pizza.

There's a row of restaurants being put up in the same compound where I work (UP Ayala Technohub). So far only 3 are open. Yellow Cab Pizza, The Old Spaghetti House and Flap Jacks. I was curious what Flap Jacks had to offer so I decided to check it out.

Here are some photos

The menu

The interior

The food. Country fried steak.

Pancakes with toffee banana

Drinks. Minute Maid pulp FTMFW!!!

Unlimited coffee

Can't wait for the rest of the restos to open (Click to view full pano)

Overpriced pizza FTL

My verdict?

It's weird but while I was enjoying my meal I said to myself, "This stuff is good!" but as soon as I stepped out I was like, "Fuck that joint, I ain't going back there again."

Maybe I was just upset at the prices. Maybe I was expecting more since the people behind Flap Jacks are the same people behind TGI Friday's, Fish and Co., etc. Maybe I didn't like it because it was too close to my house and I enjoy long drives especially when there's no heavy traffic. Maybe because it was the few selection of food. I dunno, maybe you should check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Maybe I shouldn't have published this entry.

Ha ha.

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you're in the philippines...

everything is variant. hahaha

what part are you staying at right now?

i'm going this summer and maybe i can meet an NT legend!!!