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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'll be going on a core leave next week which is a mandatory 1 week rest. It is part of the 25 days of paid leave I get annually. I'll be taking this opportunity to do some of the things I've been itching to do for the past couple of months.

Here's a short list of what I have planned

1. Hit the beach and get a nice tan. Nothing too dark. I hate the loud "HELLO I JUST CAME FROM THE BEACH LOOK AT ME!!!" look.

2. Renew my driver's license. Yes folks. I've been driving with an expired license for the past several months. Something that you shouldn't do.

3. Clean my bathroom. Just look at it. It's freaking gross. After I'm done with it I'll be having a bubble bath with a glass of champagne. No wait. I've been alcohol free for the past 48 days. * PUMPS FIST *

4. Get a new hairstyle. '98, '02, '06 or stay with '08? We'll see soon.

5. Secure a job offer. From a different company. A higher paying job. Better working hours. This goes out to my bosses at HSBC. Now understand this. I was a wreck when I applied last summer for my current job but I still aced my interviews and exams. The 7-step job application process which usually takes at least several days to finish, I did it in less than two. Back then, I didn't care about the pay nor the working hours. My only main concern was that I needed to do something and it was also my lawyer's advice that I start working again. Therapy perhaps? Well it worked and now I'm back on my feet stronger than ever. The HR department knew they got steal when I signed their offer sheet. If my current bosses won't even show any effort in trying to keep me, then fuck it. I know and people know that with my credentials and work experience, I can easily find another job which pays at least double than what I'm making now. Can I say "Sayonara suckers?"

Honorable mention

* Get my teeth fixed. I swear I have the worst set of teeth. Word to Gollum. I know this should be up there but damn, my HMO only covers a whole year supply of dental floss. Intellicare FTL!

* Repaint my walk in closet and arrange my clothes. If you remember I mentioned in one of my previous entries that I keep all of my clothes on top of my double decker bed. There's so much stuff on it now that I fear it might collapse and crush me in my sleep one of these days.

* Rediscover my faith....


Anywhoo, I'm seriously looking to accomplish everything on the list.

Wish me luck people!


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One BJ? I can easily give you that...

what beach you going too? You want me to put Sunblock on you?