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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last week I received seven long YM offline messages from a college buddy whom I haven't seen since the Air Jordan XX3 Premier release early this year. He wanted to chat. He wanted my opinion on his thoughts and his plans for the next couple of years of his young adult life. Why me? Isn't it ironic since I'm not doing good myself? Well for some reason, contrary to what the haters know, people do value my opinions. Most of them know that I've been through a lot and they can learn a thing or two from whatever it is that I have to share. I'm pretty sure that you, my readers, have also taken note of some of the stuff I've posted here, tried it out for yourself and ended up thanking me (even in thought only).

Since I didn't push through with my plans of hitting the beach to get a nice tan, I obliged and met up with him for lunch before we hit up the Air Jordan 1 release @ Bunker.

Real men occupy the bar area (even when not drinking alchol)

You can haz cheezburger

After a good talk (I should start charging for this), I got a call from Mark aka Specks asking where we were as he was already at the venue. I totally lost track of the time so me and my buddy rushed to Bunker to check the scene out.

I've never been to this store but upon seeing it, I was impressed with its location and simple set up. I've been wanting to put up my own sneaker store and build a clothing line around it (since '98) but I never got the support from people I depended on the most. Seeing similar stores open shop locally is a testament of how far the Philippines has gone in terms of the sneaker scene and street culture. I think these independent stores have great potential. I wouldn't be surprised if I see bigger things from them soon.


Where it all started

Jumpan Day

The scene outside

Bunker giving some love back. Gotta love free pizza.

Pew pew pew

Looks best when worn

Ryan and Mackie


PFP x Specks


Let's check out Bunker folks!

What up Borgy and Jermaine! Wanted to chop it up with you dudes but you were too busy running the show. What up Mars! Good job on the Nike video. What up Raoul (hidden muching on pizza)!

Feelin' the Clarks-esque Vans. 2nd to the bottom, left most.

Sinichi of Sole happy with his purchase

So beautiful. Makes me want to cry.

Switching it up

Went back to TGI Friday's for some drinks

I had the one on the bottom right. It was delicioso. Non-alcoholic beach drinks FTMFW!!!

Guess who made a cameo appearance? PCRIZZZY in the house!!!


Paradise? More like "We don't have anything good right now so we'll just offer you whatever is left in the chiller." Place was a dud so we didn't even stay for a drink.

I ain't no English scholar but damn, at least get the name right. I say change the sign to "BEER PARADISE: 100 Kinds of Beer"

After Mark drove around for 30 minutes looking for the perfect place to chill, I suggested that we go to Grappa's in Greenbelt...

Good people. Good beer. Interesting convos. 54 day streak is now over. And that was that.

Shout outs to Glenn and his cool wife (good to see you again bro), Jay and his brother, Paolo Homo Erectus, Miko, Marcus, Mackie, Ryan, Specks, Endo, Mong, Stephen and to the rest of the NT'ers who didn't even introduce themselves. Ha ha. My apologies if I missed anyone. To those who picked up the tabs, GRACIAS.

See you all on December 8!!!

Oh, and for those wondering, Bunker still has some sizes left. Go give them a call to confirm your size and pick them up with the quickness before they run out!!!

*** EDIT ***

More photos courtesy of evILLest

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who's that blonde guy wearn black loyalty movement shirt??? hmmmm.. i like! guwapo eh.. (hehehe) but seriously the burger makes me hungry!

forget the kicks. it is all about the beer!

been following the blog. seems like phillipines are pretty well off or seems very developed. nice place for vacation it seems o.O