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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, November 17, 2008

I was going through my imageshack account when I saw some photos of my ex-coworkers. I haven't seen these since last year before my hard drive went kaput and all of the files were deleted.

I said to myself, why not pit my current coworkers against my ex-coworkers. I always started random battles on NT for the LULZ. Now I'm bringing my famed battles here and you get to vote which group is the flyest. Knowing how many hits I get from the U-S of A, I'm predicting that this will be a massacre. No? Then my local voters need to step up and spare my current coworkers the embarrassment. I wonder what their reactions would be when I see them next week. Ha ha.


HSBC, Manila (2008)


AT&T, San Francisco (2007)

Shout outs to my ex-coworkers... Julian, Mark, Ian, Ivan, Stefan, Robert (give me my jacket back you fucker), Sophy (you married now?), Sacheen (I miss you girl!), Maria (Maria Maria!), JP (you still work the bar at Club 6?), Corrie (you never sent me the photo with me in it from our karaoke night :( ) Jan (what up you little gangster), Jackie (you still owe me a drink!), Greg (geeks rule!), Erik (still homeless? LOL), Dylan, Casie (I miss your bright smile), Asha (still with Google?), Justin (what up boy!), Wilson and Kenny (Castro represent!) and Sonia (still can't believe you're lesbian, what a waste).If you guys see this entry, please do hit me up. I miss you all. Contact details are above.

Now people, what are you waiting for?


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