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I'm blessing you all with this video and over a hundred fun photos from a wonderful day. Enjoy!

The Twelfth House.
 photo IMG_0100_zps4f501c65.jpg

 photo IMG_0101_zps0f378bef.jpg

P&P Tattoo.
 photo IMG_0102_zpsebf69056.jpg

 photo IMG_0103_zps7106d81a.jpg

Justin De Guzman.
 photo IMG_0104_zps47426459.jpg

Anikka and Margaux.
 photo IMG_0108_zpsd73a328c.jpg

Cortez siblings.
 photo IMG_0109_zps3654980d.jpg

 photo IMG_0110_zpsd6bcc1c6.jpg

Anton and Sarah sitting in a tree.
 photo IMG_0114_zps597fd2e6.jpg

Mustache Margaux.
 photo IMG_0115_zpse2a1b1de.jpg

Shots by Maria and H.
 photo IMG_0117_zps08dac400.jpg

Pretty ladies!
 photo IMG_0119_zps4427ccd2.jpg

 photo IMG_0120_zpsefdb8cc8.jpg

Happy birthday, Erica!
 photo IMG_0121B_zps3ae0d9b1.jpg

 photo IMG_0122_zps897552ec.jpg

With Chesco.
 photo IMG_0123B_zps054260b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0124_zpsc3e73eb4.jpg

Lala Dahl!
 photo IMG_0128_zps7cd9fd98.jpg

 photo IMG_0129_zps617948ef.jpg

Erica and Abdul.
 photo IMG_0130_zpsfbc0c002.jpg

JoeyTooFresh has returned!
 photo IMG_0131_zps0318d3da.jpg

we Legendary and Vans rider Mark Calvo.
 photo IMG_0133_zpsbd89ab15.jpg

Thank you, we Legendary!
 photo IMG_0138_zps545b9f00.jpg

 photo IMG_0140_zps830e8389.jpg

Martin in the house! (Sole Movement)
 photo IMG_0141_zps769a3a8c.jpg

 photo IMG_0142_zps4f775ab2.jpg

 photo IMG_0144_zps5f674b60.jpg

 photo IMG_0145_zps3e4bf814.jpg

 photo IMG_0148_zpsdfb99aeb.jpg

I love her freckles!
 photo IMG_0149_zps9f526171.jpg

 photo IMG_0150_zps329ceb45.jpg

 photo IMG_0151_zps843ead2f.jpg

Hello Dane!
 photo IMG_0153_zps504fe2ea.jpg

 photo IMG_0155_zps50b61a8a.jpg

 photo IMG_0156_zps140ac2e3.jpg

Puma came with gifts!
 photo IMG_0158_zps5ed64eb3.jpg

Matching Puma shoesis!
 photo IMG_0159_zpsc986175e.jpg

So nice!
 photo IMG_0160_zpsf3526c1f.jpg

It's Angelo F*CKING Mendez!
 photo IMG_0161_zps9113751b.jpg

 photo IMG_0162_zpsf99a1f41.jpg

Sarah Meier freeze.
 photo IMG_0165_zps753028ba.jpg

 photo IMG_0168_zpsc4e85eb1.jpg

 photo IMG_0170_zps3d6dddaa.jpg

 photo IMG_0171_zps7424118d.jpg

 photo IMG_0172_zpsf87adebd.jpg

Banj Billions and Angelo.
 photo IMG_0173_zpsfb6c7251.jpg

I wanna win some prizes!
 photo IMG_0174B_zps8b98295f.jpg

Barry in the middle.
 photo IMG_0176_zps30fbe274.jpg

 photo IMG_0178_zpsa116534b.jpg

 photo IMG_0179_zpsbe1cdcfc.jpg

Paolo (Puma) and Martin.
 photo IMG_0180_zpsf70d45fa.jpg

This over San Mig Light.
 photo IMG_0181_zpsda984a74.jpg

Myx Channel appearance!
 photo IMG_0184_zps66a0aab0.jpg

Puma got some extra spotlight.
 photo IMG_0186_zps24815a3e.jpg

Thank you, Myx!
 photo IMG_0187_zps652eacb7.jpg

 photo IMG_0188_zps4b46c7d5.jpg

Kaya IGs too.
 photo IMG_0189_zps121d4ce0.jpg

 photo IMG_0190_zps77e1bb9d.jpg

Dear lord.
 photo IMG_0195_zpscf5f96ba.jpg

Thank you, Puma!
 photo IMG_0196_zpsd8df19d4.jpg

DJ Jedi's turn.
 photo IMG_0197_zpse030b944.jpg

Bea and Sarah's turban.
 photo IMG_0198_zps59c8c12e.jpg

 photo IMG_0199B_zpsf008d55b.jpg

 photo IMG_0200_zps06858fac.jpg

Time to give away major loot!
 photo IMG_0202_zps752e59e6.jpg

 photo IMG_0203_zps7c5b3cb2.jpg

Puma love.
 photo IMG_0204_zps434fa199.jpg

Jigs won shoes!
 photo IMG_0205_zpsae873996.jpg

 photo IMG_0207_zpsb35c32db.jpg

 photo IMG_0208_zps7ff80f1a.jpg

 photo IMG_0209_zps5a860fe5.jpg

 photo IMG_0210_zpsd4800468.jpg

 photo IMG_0211_zpse68b240d.jpg

 photo IMG_0212_zpsfce54552.jpg

What up Brandon!
 photo IMG_0213_zpsfc1a1f4a.jpg

JC and Martin.
 photo IMG_0215_zps6c32f581.jpg

 photo IMG_0216_zps60beeecd.jpg

 photo IMG_0217_zps48d10137.jpg

Patron shots galore.
 photo IMG_0218_zps377014e8.jpg

 photo IMG_0219_zps2972aa85.jpg

Layla getting inked.
 photo IMG_0221_zps6f903521.jpg

That turban, though!
 photo IMG_0222_zps50d0d1f3.jpg

 photo IMG_0224_zpse6bd4607.jpg

 photo IMG_0225_zps45847c84.jpg

 photo IMG_0226_zps8c4171de.jpg

 photo IMG_0227_zps6eb9b922.jpg

 photo IMG_0229_zps9a5c21f3.jpg

Have a safe trip!
 photo IMG_0230B_zps06fdac99.jpg

Time to dance.
 photo IMG_0231_zpsae73a079.jpg

Thank you, Titan!
 photo IMG_0237_zps10a0775c.jpg

 photo IMG_0238B_zps0297dfed.jpg

 photo IMG_0239_zps3432045e.jpg

 photo IMG_0241B_zps80cc1537.jpg

 photo IMG_0242B_zpse670e8b2.jpg

 photo IMG_0243_zpsa4570743.jpg

 photo IMG_0244_zpsd77c4c2f.jpg

Cruxie's Angels.
 photo IMG_0245B_zps48ec0de1.jpg

 photo IMG_0246_zpsdf3fea6c.jpg

 photo IMG_0248_zps796b7064.jpg

Chrizo Beats.
 photo IMG_0249_zps7a4d8f35.jpg

 photo IMG_0250_zps9cb13bf2.jpg

 photo IMG_0251_zpscd9db2c7.jpg

 photo IMG_0252_zps546784d5.jpg

Jandric fresh from Boracay.
 photo IMG_0254_zps619dcc58.jpg

 photo IMG_0255_zpse882410f.jpg

My team.
 photo IMG_0257_zpsfde8fd53.jpg

 photo IMG_0259B_zps46302401.jpg

Bottle feeding time!
 photo IMG_0261_zps34d30f6a.jpg

 photo IMG_0262_zps74f7932a.jpg

Crazy KC.
 photo IMG_0263_zpsf3cad518.jpg

 photo IMG_0264_zps17d826e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0265B_zps548c22c7.jpg

Krystal and Arianne.
 photo IMG_0267_zps2078e803.jpg

The Arrow Gang.
 photo IMG_0268_zps9bb1eafa.jpg

 photo IMG_0269_zps995f9ff0.jpg

It's Victoria Herrera!
 photo IMG_0270_zpsdc72f3fc.jpg

 photo IMG_0272_zps4f443aae.jpg

The bottle feeding continues.
 photo IMG_0273_zps26a0719c.jpg

 photo IMG_0275_zps2fd1fe57.jpg

 photo IMG_0276_zps97ddd124.jpg

Sisters Vicky and Teresa.
 photo IMG_0277_zps79a0ac2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0278_zpsf792df04.jpg

I won! I won!
 photo IMG_0279B_zpsbac2672d.jpg

 photo IMG_0280_zps1b0ce656.jpg

Kriss Kross tribute.
 photo IMG_0281_zpsda927ef0.jpg

 photo IMG_0282_zps5aa75d4c.jpg

 photo IMG_0283_zpsac0e06a8.jpg

 photo IMG_0284_zpsdc90f076.jpg

 photo IMG_0285_zps824937a8.jpg

 photo IMG_0286_zps563965fe.jpg

 photo IMG_0287_zps6b385115.jpg

 photo IMG_0288_zps623a424e.jpg

 photo IMG_0290B_zps14c13448.jpg

 photo IMG_0291_zpsdeb60e69.jpg

 photo IMG_0292_zps6602da08.jpg

With Alex and Su.
 photo IMG_0294B_zps5fbfacd2.jpg

 photo IMG_0295_zps62f2ea4f.jpg

Twerk it!
 photo IMG_0296_zps21275bc7.jpg

 photo IMG_0297_zps9f2a5aff.jpg

 photo IMG_0298_zpsfb3f247c.jpg

 photo IMG_0300_zpse0f784f3.jpg

 photo IMG_0301_zps19c6c062.jpg

I told Vicky to throw her set up.
 photo IMG_0304B_zps4ea75759.jpg

 photo IMG_0305_zpsa8b4e046.jpg

 photo IMG_0306_zpsb80da5f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0308_zps19e615c0.jpg

 photo IMG_0309_zps0a9beac1.jpg

 photo IMG_0310_zpsc06059ab.jpg

 photo IMG_0311_zpsabe67487.jpg

 photo IMG_0312_zps9d42dd0b.jpg

 photo IMG_0313_zpsda9febdd.jpg

 photo IMG_0314_zpsd7c302c9.jpg

 photo IMG_0316_zpsde8e0feb.jpg

 photo IMG_0317_zps3a4e5e2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0318_zpsc088624c.jpg

 photo IMG_0321_zps27b26444.jpg

 photo IMG_0323_zpsd599f57b.jpg

 photo IMG_0324_zps46a5b044.jpg

 photo IMG_0325_zpsa7864b19.jpg

 photo IMG_0326_zps7fe81f9d.jpg

 photo IMG_0328_zps1673dd22.jpg

 photo IMG_0330_zps01827246.jpg

 photo IMG_0332_zps2fe53669.jpg

 photo IMG_0334_zps248d18f5.jpg

 photo IMG_0335_zpsad0f3bef.jpg

 photo IMG_0336_zps4a854343.jpg

And that was that.
 photo IMG_0337_zpsc375cdd8.jpg

Thank you all for coming through! Big shout outs also to Puma, we Legendary, Lewis Grand Hotel, Jaguar, Trilogy, P&P Tattoo and the rest of the sponsors!

Until next time. :)

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