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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, May 25, 2013

What could have been a great night ended with me walking 8 blocks to my car after the cab I was in got pulled over by "cops" for making an illegal turn. I swear I hate people who ruin my day/night. Just disappear will you! Oh, and fuck drama.

 photo IMG_1208_zps212ce5ee.jpg

Angelo and his The Hundreds flask.
 photo IMG_1209_zpsaa85d2f0.jpg

 photo IMG_1210_zps39f4ee2f.jpg

3 heroes in 1 Tini.
 photo IMG_1211_zps32c822f9.jpg

Pew pew pew.
 photo IMG_1212_zps1501cab5.jpg

 photo IMG_1214_zpsdb4d8eae.jpg

Lala Dahling.
 photo IMG_1215_zps83d07035.jpg

 photo IMG_1217_zps27f30414.jpg

 photo IMG_1220_zps70c03fec.jpg

It's Miguel!
 photo IMG_1222_zps4b6001bf.jpg

 photo IMG_1224_zpsc1f30c77.jpg

 photo IMG_1225_zps3185075f.jpg

Run Roshe run.
 photo IMG_1227_zps49001271.jpg

 photo IMG_1228_zps1549bc7f.jpg

Thea, Lala and Maria.
 photo IMG_1229_zpsdc4822c3.jpg

Julz ♥
 photo IMG_1230_zps120b0643.jpg

Nice tee, Zoey!
 photo IMG_1232_zps52c17e18.jpg

 photo IMG_1234_zps3e4d7ead.jpg

 photo IMG_1241_zps8dbfa11f.jpg

 photo IMG_1246_zps6fa12914.jpg

 photo IMG_1249_zps0d75fa8f.jpg

 photo IMG_1250_zps162e3fe6.jpg

 photo IMG_1251_zps6c99f9d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1252_zps9a69f0d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1253_zpsd97d255c.jpg

Michelle and Paolo.
 photo IMG_1254_zps5fedc776.jpg

Margaux made it!
 photo IMG_1255_zpsfe8c84cb.jpg

 photo IMG_1257_zps12c2fe53.jpg

I should have known it was gonna be a horrible night for me after I hit myself in the groin with a party popper. -____-

Still, Last Days Manila was a blast. Shout outs to all the beautiful people I saw!

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