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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, May 06, 2013

I made it to Resorts World just in time to welcome Erica's birthday. Part 3 of 4 consecutive celebratory nights. Let's get it!
 photo IMG_0330_zps4382d412.jpg

 photo IMG_0331_zps64501321.jpg


I swear this girl found the fountain of youth.
 photo IMG_0332-1_zps10749800.jpg

Patricia, Erica, Pam, Dane, Jigs and Margaux.
 photo IMG_0333_zpsca47a3b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0334_zps098f05e8.jpg

"It's been a while." - Margaux
 photo IMG_0339_zps2b0ae7e5.jpg

 photo IMG_0344_zps0333bda8.jpg

 photo IMG_0347_zpsf41ab0b3.jpg

Mandatory photo op with the celebrant.
 photo IMG_0349B_zps142df7d8.jpg

My favs.
 photo IMG_0351_zps10dfaf2a.jpg

Abdul and Erica.
 photo IMG_0353-1_zpsb5e8f896.jpg

With Gisa.
 photo IMG_0354_zpsea36a3b1.jpg

The Powder Room gurls.
 photo IMG_0355_zpscf0f3e49.jpg

 photo IMG_0356-1_zps6eb9ebce.jpg

 photo IMG_0358_zps73ee0fcf.jpg

Intimate, nothing crazy.
 photo IMG_0361_zps918059b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0363_zps49b5a7b4.jpg

It's like magic.
 photo IMG_0366_zps6cb0caa0.jpg

 photo IMG_0367_zpscee48e58.jpg

 photo IMG_0368_zps905a2359.jpg

Hey ladies!
 photo IMG_0369-1_zps4c2d24ab.jpg

 photo IMG_0370_zpsbc9ecc27.jpg

 photo IMG_0371_zps32708de3.jpg

My official "clubbing" shoes.
 photo IMG_0372_zps90f28641.jpg

Jigs with some dope camo loafers.
 photo IMG_0376_zpscf549c3e.jpg

 photo IMG_0377_zps52d33d70.jpg

 photo IMG_0382_zps5c106cce.jpg

Happy birthday, Erica!

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