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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2009

My plan for this whole trip was to stay in the city that was why I booked a room at the JW Marriott for two weeks even though I have relatives scattered all over the Bay Area. If you didn't know, San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. I've already mentioned this numerous times on my site. There's something about this place that makes me want to stay forever. If given the chance by immigration (lol), I'd move to this city in a heartbeat.

Since San Francisco is a small city, you'll be seeing photos of the same landmarks for the next few weeks. Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Trans American Tower, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf. I'll be whoring out the City Pass I got and do touristy stuff. You should get one too when you're in the city. Forget paying $5 per Cable Car ride. For more info, click HERE.

This view never gets old

My address for two weeks. Thanks David!


Westfield SF food court

Switching to my G9 for macro shots only to end up with a blurred photo FTL

Large drinks in the USA = XXXL in the Philippines

Orange chicken FTW

On my way to Pier 39

Where you at Fong?


I asked a friend if I could kick one and she said go ahead if you want to be deported. Ha ha.

F Train, unlimited rides with a City Pass. $2 per without. Back in '07 it was only $1.75.


Hard hustle

City Pass stop number 1

Look for Nemo (click to play)

Hypnotizing to look at (click to play)

How do you catch one? (click to play)


My paper crown

This little fella pooped on the nice lady

I trekked up Coit in '07. Not looking to do it again this year. Ha ha.

Overpriced organic fruits FTL


He's alright (click to play)

The Rock

I wonder if it's good here.

Angh angh angh angh * CLAP * CLAP *

Lazy bastards (click to play)

Say bye bye to your one dollah

Stroll to Fisherman's wharf (click to play)

Never buy from yellow camera stores



Ride back to Union Square

Waiting in line

Never gets old

Come ride with me

Dinner time!

Amazing view

Cold turkey sammich with lentil soup

Macadamia cheesecake FTW

Oh yeah


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