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| Posted in , , | Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009

After getting some much needed rest I headed out to do more touristy stuff.

The agenda for today?

Shopping! At Ross. lol


Cheap toys at Ross

My homey Jose

Believe it or not, I almost robocopped. Size 12 women's.

Malu Wang and Dat Ho

Cheap stuff for my loved ones FTW

I headed back to the hotel to drop off the bags


What else to do on a Sunday? Rent a Go Car! Been wanting to do this since 2007 but it wasn't until recently that I convinced my new BFF HC to be my passenger, photographer, videographer and navigator as we drive through the streets of San Francisco! For more info on GoCar Tours, click HERE. Or click HERE and save by renting a GoCar for one whole day!


HC has a bigger head than mine

See all those dents and scratches? Pay for insurance to avoid paying extra $$$ in case something wrong happens.

Here we go!

HC is self focused

Should we turn right to Tenderloin? Ha ha

This is fun! (click to play)

No drive-thru?


Full House. See where I parked the GoCar? Perfect!

I present to you the Painted Ladies

The GoCar comes with a GPS guided audio tour. Use it. Don't be like us. We kept playing loud music and before we knew it, we almost ended up on the Golden Gate Bridge. Good thing there was another exit before the bridge. Whew! Resting after escaping the bridge. That folks, is a sign of relief.

Vroom vroom (click to play)

My hotel!

HC thought of this, not me. The hotel staff shook their heads after seeing us. Ha ha.

Time to return this baby! (click to play)

Discounted shoes at DSW

No more gloss


I went to Old Navy to buy a pair of cheap board shorts for my trip tomorrow and saw this guy rocking a pair of Olympic VIIs.

Oh yeah

Chocolate heaven

How sweet

The ride back to Union Square (click to play)

By the window FTW

My favorite hang out. Sike!

Yup that's me without the blur

19 floors up

Ain't no Golden Boy but it'll do.

Driving the GoCar was pure fun. It was such a thrill especially going downhill. Seeing the reaction on people's faces was priceless. Definitely worth the $100+ (more expensive than renting an actual car). This day gets 5 stars!

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'll be in Las Vegas.

Woot woot.


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