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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, August 21, 2009

Today was fun. I got to see my relatives and watched my first NFL football game. Several fights broke out. Mind you it was only a preseason game. Ha ha.

Right outside my hotel

SF has some of the worst street performers (click to play)

Bart ride going to Oakland

I'm home!

My stop

My bus

I didn't know where the reception was so I had to wait for my uncle for thirty minutes at the bus stop. Then I found out that the restaurant was only two blocks from where I was. :\ (click to play)

My favorite cousin and his wife


With Ivee


Vanessa and Pebbles

Pebbles and two of her kids

Thee food was yummy


Who wants a parking ticket?

Driving around Oakland

Traffic was bad

Nice seats

Tailgating FTW

I concur

Turf war (click to play)

Chug chug chug (click to play)

We're in! (click to play)

Woot (click to play)

Here we go! (click to play)

Dance dance dance(click to play)

Drumline (click to play)

Fight! (click to play)

Singletary giving the stink eye

At least I repped the colors. Ha ha.

Touchdown! (click to play)

Let's go (click to play)


Boom boom pow


Then I discovered the no flash function on my cam


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uhmmm.. madaya... I should have taken picture of you too and post it in my blog.. lol