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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I finally got my new passport.

Thanks to Travel Bounty for the help! They got some great deals on group tours (most popular local and international destinations). Call them up.

50 pound limit per checked baggage FTL. I can't even use a damn suitcase for my clothes because it alone already weighs around 15 pounds. The other box will be filled with gifts from my parents for our relatives in the Bay Area. May God help me. Last thing I need is for customs to seize my stuff because of the reeking embalmed fish my dad packed. :\ And yes, that will be my address for the next two weeks. I'll see you all haters, private investigators, snoops, snitches, stalkers and whoever has been looking to get me good for the longest time. Bring it on bitches.

SF, are you ready!?


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yeah lets do it