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| Posted in , , | Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009

It has been a tiring week after visiting all those tourist spots included in the City Pass. I didn't do anything today but rest in my hotel room and watch television as I needed the energy for Sneaker Pimps San Francisco.

It was my third time to attend the event. The first one was when I worked with Peter, Chewy, K-Swiss, JB Classic Lab and the H.O.C. to bring the show to Manila in February 2005. The second time was in 2007 when Peter and the gang had an awesome exhibit and show at Mighty in the SOMISSPO district of San Francisco featuring Too Short and niketalker Dom Kennedy.

This year was no different as the SF stop featured hundreds of shoes on exhibit with a live performance by Clipse.

I hopped on the wrong bus with 2/3 of the USC and ended up outside Cow Palace in the middle of the night. I seriously thought we were gonna get jumped by those thugs outside the liquor store across CP. We got on the same bus back to downtown and hailed a cab going to Mighty.

By the time we got there Clipse was ready to go on stage. There was a slight delay after some idiot/s stole two shoes from the exhibit. My dude Dave Jeff got on the mic and told people the doors were gonna be shut closed until the shoes reappeared. A few moments later the stolen items were returned and the party continued as Clipse rocked the house with a solid performance.

I was expecting to see more familiar faces but I guess people had other plans for the night. Heck, I was supposed to be out partying with my cousins (fellow August celebrants) at a club in Pleasanton... Okay I'll stop right there. Ha ha.

On with the photos and videos.

Breakfast at Honey Honey

Salmon Benedict = YUM

Why did I wear the same shirt?




After 1.5 hours of getting lost. Thanks for the invite Peter!

DunkXchange was weaksauce

Winner got a pair of Lebron VIIs

SP fitteds

Dave Jeff. Check out his site HERE. I'm glad I got to chat with you after the show.

Whoever stole this SBTG knew what he was doing

Put 'em up c'mon(click to play)


Let's hear it (click to play)

I know I know (click to play)

Worldwide. But I bet you already knew that.

I'm good (click to play)

Guess who? I was surprised to see these two. Wasn't it a 21 and up event?

Word to PCRIZZZY and waLTer PeeZY

Fastest texter

That was fun.

Yo Peter. Too bad we didn't get to hang out even though you were in the city for five days and stayed 2 blocks from my hotel.

Can I say Sneaker Pimps Manila 2010?

Wink wink.

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