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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, February 22, 2009

I first learned about Anthony Bourdain's visit to the Philipines on For days locals kept track of his every move as his show NO RESERVATIONS is popular to those who can afford cable television.

I was surprised when I finally saw the episode. The show got the wrong dude to host the show's host. Sorry Augusto but you totally sucked. I'm guessing that one of your relatives work for the show that's why you were picked. It was awkward and painful to watch your segments. Even Anthony Bourdain felt uneasy around you. I mean shiiiiiit. You don't even know how to properly display the Philippine flag when in vertical position!

Kudos to the other hosts though. I can't wait to go to a DAMPA soon!

To those who haven't watched it yet, click on the videos below.

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