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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009

I received a message about a quickstrike dinner with my homie visiting from LA-LA LAnd who also visited a few months back. I was surprised that he was in town again but nevertheless I wanted to meet up with him since we didn't get to do much last time he was around.

Ten minutes after leaving the house, I received a call and was informed that the dinner was cancelled because of a change in flight schedule. I was bummed. Good thing I had other things lined up that night. I met up with my godsister (is there even such a thing) and my inked homey Mykhan to discuss a future project.

Saw this deli along Timog Ave. while looking for a place to eat. I snapped most of the photos after the place closed at 10pm. You should visit it soon. I love this deli. I love the whole set-up. I love the food!

There's a menu but you can also choose from their wide selection of meats and cheeses.


Dinelli Gourmet
5 Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Telephone Number +6326663544



The kitchen was spotless after it closed its doors. Something I rarely see in other joints.

Hello chef

Chillin' on the second floor

Cheese steak sammich. Two thumbs up.

Doing bigger things soon

Time to leave

After dinner Mykhan brought me to one of the spots he frequents. At first I was like enh but then I couldn't complain since we got hooked up with some free stuff.


Goldschläger aka liver-killer aka ulcer-giver. My all-time fav liqueur

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Yikesss... We're so sorry Munsy! His flight was mixed up... its funny how we rushed to the airport that day. Whew!

It's all good Ay! Maybe next time.