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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, February 21, 2009

I got home from work a little before 5am and started doing my laundry. After 3 loads and 3 hours I hit the sheets looking to get a good 6 hour sleep. I got up around 4pm and started folding my clothes. It was so freaking hot my clothes only took a couple of hours to line dry.

Sunday is my time out. Time out from work. From my coworkers. From my regular routine. I always like to switch it up.

Today I didn't feel like dressing up so I put on a Tee (you'll rarely see me in one) and headed South to try this upscale burger and wine resto.

Yessir! You read that right.


Something you should try instead of always having your burger with a glass of soda.

I saw this place on and became curious after I read the review.

It's a bit expensive but worth every peso. The Chiraz house wine brought out more flavor of the grilled meat. Something I really enjoyed down to the last bite.

Photographs for you

The menu

Drinks list


The bar

Wine up!


Spicy burger

Cheers y'all. Much love to my brother in Canada for the Tee. Photo hand picked by C to the M.

Visit Murray & D'Vine at Serendra, The Fort if you're a Robot who doesn't let other Robots drink alone.


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