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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, February 06, 2009

I attended a fathering seminar in preparation for the father and son night a few weeks from now. I know how much it means to my son for me to be there that's why I marked the special day on my calendar several months ago. I get to spend a night with him at school with different activities lined up. I started working out 3 weeks ago after 6 years of rest. I don't want to embarrass my son by dropping dead from exhaustion if ever the fathers play basketball.

I can't wait.

I always enjoy visiting my old school.

Some things never change

I was stoked when I saw this banner. I didn't know it was gonna be PAGSI on the MIC. Dr. Pagsanghan is one of the most respected people at The Ateneo.

Blue Eagle the king!


Free merienda

My name is

Registration table

I wonder how many miserable fathers were in attendance

The main man

Click to play

Swung by my new favorite joint for a quick meal before heading to work

No more soda for me

Lasagna roll ups again FTMFW!!!

Banapple. Click to see how small this place is.

Late birthday gift FTL

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