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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2009

When my coworker Veganatious (not her real name) drew my code name (PINK FIVE) from a raffle we did at the office last month for our Christmas gift-giving, I already had in mind what to ask for.


For several weeks I didn't think she'd take my request seriously (she didn't know it was me the first couple of weeks) but I'd always hear her complain that wherever she went, she couldn't find what PINK FIVE wanted for Christmas.

She went to the bookstore. No world peace.

She checked out the record bar. Nada.

She visited several other malls but to no avail.

She seriously thought PINK FIVE was after something of material value.

Freaking hilarious.

I guess she finally gave up and she got me this three weeks after Christmas.

At first I was like, WTH!?!

But I couldn't complain since she obviously put some thought to J - O - J - O

Then I figured it out

Thanks Veganatious!


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That's a nice nose.

WTH?! A dild0 with a face! ;)