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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, January 04, 2009

There was a time when I would go all out in showing a friend or a relative visiting from abroad around Metro Manila. From picking him/her up from the airport, to arranging hotel reservations, to car rental hook ups, to free cellphone use, to dining at swanky restaurants and getting hyphy in the club. Okay the last one was lame. Ha ha. But I'm sure you get the point.

Since I've been called "The Ambassador" many times, I make sure I always go out of my way to accommodate people. Good people. You reap what you sow. Na mean?

Several years ago, my main man from San Diego CJ aka John Lloyd (you can't find him now - EL OH EL) coined a term after he saw how fellow NT'er lionheart and I took care of fc1114 who was visiting from Chicago.

He branded it "THE fc1114 TREATMENT."

Since then, people would hit me up for this special.

I'm like WTF!?

All the good deeds stopped for some time. I don't even remember why. It just did.

I had to bring the special back when I found out fc1114 was gonna be in town. Only this time, no red carpet.

Dinner, drinks and 2 hours of window shopping.

Red Kimono. Las Vegas, New York, Australia, San Francisco and Los Angeles represent!


Much love to Vicky E and AZ for the gift. I love this brand. No hype. Just good quality clothing. Hope you guys enjoy the bottle of wine I got you. Be merry and no more drama! Ha ha.

You think you deserve "THE fc1114 TREATMENT?"

Hit me up and we'll work something out.

I hope you have extra luggage space to spare.


Shout-out to Fran, AZ and VE, Ging and Bart, Don, Benito and his lovely partner, Anna her hubby and cousin. Nice seeing you guys again. Keep in touch.

One love.

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