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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sharing a dope video my cousin's husband, Dennis, put together. I didn't even know he was part of the group until I saw him post this on facebook. Really cool dude IMO. I've always admired his body (no homo) and his karaoke prowess. He is also my dad's favorite during karaoke nights at the Perez's San Leandro home. The coolest thing about him? We share the same passion for Air Jordans.

Enjoy the one hour clip. I know I did. It brought back memories of when I was a kid and I'd watch my brothers Herbert, Ferdinand and even Christopher battle other kids on makeshift Linoleum floors. Also grew up with SL1200s and hundreds of vinyls in the basement. This was waaaaay before DJing became a profitable and respectable job. There was also a time when you'd see my tags all over the metropolis. MCing? Tried that too. Ha ha. I got all the elements of hip-hop on lock. I'm so cool. Unlike most of you posers who karaoke rap over tracks and DJ because it's the in thing right now. SMH. I guess everyone has to start from somewhere. Too bad you started 20 years late. Kidding!

Oh yeah, I can dance too. :D Peep my mom in the back rocking The Three Stripes.

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