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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, January 05, 2009

People from the Philippines always ask what connection I am on because whenever they visit my site, it takes for the photos and videos forever to load. If you are a DSL user, I suggest you switch to Destiny cable Internet. I've been a subscriber for the past eight or so years and it's the fastest connection I've been on here in the Philippines. There was a time I was on DSL too but it was slow compared to cable Internet. I only pay 999 pesos monthly for the basic package and I am always satisfied with my download and upload speeds. The only downside is their customer service. Several years ago, I would call them regularly for my dose of stress. Ha ha. You should be good though if your lines run from a post straight to your house.

I know this is slow compared to speeds in the USA but in a land where DSL connection is slower than 56K, this is fast enough. I don't see your local basic DSL connection matching this. The upload speed has been limited to 25K in this photo. I don't like to share. Ha ha.

Oh, and nothing beats my old Destiny cable Internet connection. Uncapped cable modem FTMFW!!! Look!

Don't even ask me if SmartBro is any good. It's doo doo baby! Word to Dave Chappelle.

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