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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 25, 2008

It was another fun-filled event at the HSBC *campus along Commonwealth Avenue as we celebrated Oktoberfest. I had work and only got to join the festivities during my lunch break. There was a battle of the bands with Karl Roy as one of the judges. Razorback performed around midnight. The party was done by the time I got out from work.

Graveyard shi(f)t. Gotta love it!

Have beer, will party (click to play)

Food and drinks

One of the bands who performed

Horrible (click to play)

The people

My favorite couple

Gulp gulp gulp (click to play)

The winners

Yeah, I'm a winner too

With Mommy D

* I call it a campus because it's like a school. You learn something everyday. You also see a bunch of ugly people with uglier personalities. Icky cafeteria food. People who think they're the shit but they really ain't. Bullies. Hos. Drama queens. Rumormongers. Haters. Cockblockers. You name it, we got it. Don't get me wrong though. We also have a number of fun people. Good people. Balance. It's all about balance people.

Yin to the mothereffin' Yang.

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