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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For 3 weeks I didn't use my camera as much as I didn't have a case for it. I always take care of my stuff especially the ones I can't afford to lose. When my camera case was jacked, I told myself I was gonna refrain from using my camera until I find a replacement case to avoid getting it scratched.

There are only 2 places I buy my camera accessories from. Quiapo and Greenhills. I hardly visit both now so it took me awhile to find the perfect case. I went to Trinoma, visited the Canon store and to my surprise, they had the same case model that was stolen from me. I asked how much and the sales associate said 1,200 pesos. Fuck. That's a lot for me but I remember paying the same amount at this one store in Greenhills where I bought my first camera case from so I was cool with it. Then to my surprise the dude gave me a discount and I only ended up paying 800 pesos. Wow! That's more than 30% off. The store supervisor/manager probably felt sorry for me after overhearing my story on how I lost my leather soft case.

I'm happy

For your Canon camera needs, visit

Canon d' Zone
TriNoma, Level 3

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Good for you :D Congrats!

Wouldn't it be safer to get a camera case that doesn't say CANON?

(scratches head)

Go back to Trinoma and check out the Crumpler point-and-shoot camera bags.

Crumpler bags are nice but they're too bulky.