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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 11, 2008

My coworkers and new teammates have been eating out a lot lately. Lunch. After work. Whenever. After we got off work Saturday, we went straight to our favorite joint for some late night grub, Mister Kabab. I've been hooked on the Falafel sandwich ever since my favorite cousin from the Bay recommended it to me some months ago. To our dismay the place was hella packed so Shikko suggested that we go to Burger King instead and I said yes.

Wrong move.


How are you gonna tease people with these photos?

And serve me this?

Instead of a double stacker, they served me the same TWO DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER FOR $2 I lived on while in SF. The only difference was they added half a strip of bacon. I swear as soon as I took my first bite, it brought me back memories of when I was broke and hungry.


Oh and I also hate you two. Just because. I know you're reading this. Fuck up.

Drive thru? More like WALK AWAY.

If you want to know how a $1 double cheeseburger tastes like, order the double stacker. My verdict? Order the meal and waste 150 pesos.

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