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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, August 09, 2008

According to some online reports, Philippines is the SMS capital of the world with close to 310 million messages sent daily. I don't even know if this is true. Maybe some fools just came up with this idea to make themselves feel better after wasting so much money forwarding all those stupid messages. I HATE FORWARDED SMSes. To those who know my number, you know what I'm talking about. You forward me a message and you can expect something not so nice in return.

I also hate shortened messages. What the hell is up with people trying to squeeze a paragraph in one message? Half of that crap I can't even understand.

Some examples.

"hu u? miz n u. slpy n me. hir n me. wer r u. hry up. m n my wy. m hr alrdy. l c u 2mrw, dnt 4gt 2 brng dt gud stff. m sk cnt mk it 2 wrk, plz tl bos. i m elitr8 dz y i typ lyk dz."

And people wonder why the Filipino youth nowadays talk like this.

On the other hand, SMS is a great tool to keep in touch with good people I know.


Beer thirsty. He said..

I said

Newlywed. He said...

I said

I wish him well. He said...

I said

PS: I HAD the coolest mobile number. (0917) TXT-CRX1

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cl pst! thx 4 shrng nmn n lttng us in ur wrld! nxt tym chrge ur bat kasi may low bat ka!

I totally understood all of that.