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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, August 03, 2008

Earlier this week I received a Facebook message from my main man AZ asking me if we could finally go to Hooters Manila for some world famous chicken wings. I wasn't really excited in checking the place out since I had a feeling it'll be a letdown compared to the ones overseas. I headed out around 3pm amidst bad weather and met up with my number 1 fan, AZ (when it comes to jokes).

The location is enh but once we stepped inside the joint we knew we were at the right place. The interior is on point even though the place is kinda small. We ordered 20 piece breaded wings (750 pesos), a pitcher of draft beer (210 pesos) and some dipping sauce (50 pesos each).

The taste was completely off but the wings were filling nonetheless.

Around dinner time some familiar faces showed up to celebrate the newly graduate chef so AZ and I joined their party. Shout outs to Adi and his lovely wife, siblings Kevin and Kian, Mr. and Mrs. Roy, Leo and the friendly people from Cagayan de Oro!

You already know. Photos and a vid.

Pano-Hooters (click to see bigger image)

Look at all those deep fryers!

Cop a Tee or two

Parada who? lol

I love the bar set up

VIP section

What you should NOT come for

Some dude showing off his nice bike

"Day off niyo ba Inday?"

What you should come for

Bacolod x Cagayan de Oro x Cebu x Manila connect. Thanks for the drinks CHEF!

The Roys!

I need to stop wearing this sweater. Ha ha.

And that's a wrap!

Keep Walking

Notes: Saw the outdoor set up for the Alicia Keys concert and with the bad weather, it's not looking good. AZ knows the organizer and he explained the rift between people behind the concert and Araneta Coliseum management. Sucks since Alicia Keys is one of the best live performers I've watched in person. Bugsy's chicken strips > Hooters chicken wings. Having no credit on my prepaid cellphone FTL.

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haha. definitely slightly "lacking" in the hooters dept on the waitresses......

good read though crux:)

When did Hooters start hiring katulongs? I bet you'd blast, though. lol

BTW, Fremont now has a niiiice collection of breezys and spinners...good eye candy for a blast fantasy while you suck their wings.