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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 25, 2008

For the past several weeks, I've been getting missed calls from the same number. By the time I called back, I got nothing but ringing sounds. Earlier I got the same call again and I finally got to talk to the person who has been trying to get in touch with me.

Me: "Hello, yes I got a call from this number a few minutes ago."
Her: "What's your name sir?"
Me: "Jojo Munsayac"
Her: "Ah yes, this is ______ from the HR department of _____ and we'd like to invite you to come over for an interview for the position of SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER."
Me: "I was hired by your company 2 years ago for a lower position and I didn't push through with it because the offer wasn't enough."
Her: "Sir, I suggest you consider this time. We seriously have a very attractive offer which you're gonna like."
Me: "Is that so? Well email me the details then I'll call you back."


One call. Now my life got more complicated. Do I go for it? It's one of the biggest companies in the Philippines. The position. The pay. What I have going on for me now looks shit compared to what they have to offer. Wahhh. My coworkers love me though. Fun environment. 5 mins from home. But it looks like it's gonna take years before I go anywhere in this company that I'm currently working for. Do I go back to wearing a tie and be one of the bosses? I'm confused. Wahhh.

The question is, if you were in my shoes, would you do it?

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id say- go for it..

i guess u were right when u said itll take years before ud go places sa office natin.. but it can be sooner.. malay natin sa calibre m b.. hehe..

we'll miss you but i believe u'll do hell of a good i mean great job being a manager..

made me a bit sad at the thought of you leaving but taking that job would be an opportunity that i personally wouldn't turn down..

just sharing my thoughts..

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. bumigat loob ko dun, a.. see tomorrow sa office.. =(

if i were in ur shoes my dear amigo, i'd grab it. this opportunity is not only for your own sake but it'll surely help u be more responsible for ur kids.
the thought of not seeing u around really saddens me but the thought of u living the life u deserve and fighting life's struggels makes me feel so proud of u.
i'll always be ur friend no matter what, thank u as well for your friendship.
God bless!!!!