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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008

For the first time in over 6 months, I found myself again at Power Plant Mall. It's weird how I felt so out of place in a mall I used to frequent. I guess my lifestyle has changed to living a simple life. Word to Paris and Nicole.

I'm just happy I got to spend some time with a loved one.

Lunch @ Pepper

The menu

The interior



Pano-Power Plant (click to see bigger image)

The view below

Some dude with a pair of Doinks

Squeezing your tits together to make 'em look bigger FTMFL!

Now those are huge


Pano-Burgoo's (click to see bigger image)

He had ribs

I had Mozzarella sticks

Where he went for summer

After dinner when I was all by myself AGAIN

The models

I went to college with the dude in grey. He didn't finish and focused on his modeling career.

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Good eye for the ladies Crux.

LOL. That was fast.

Way back in the days (8 years ago) this fucker brought me to Power Plant for the first time. Up to now it's still one of my favorite malls in the Pinas. Classy, not crowded and full of eye candy!

I still have the photos from that day.

Well someone shouldn't be worrying about eye candy anymore haha. LOL Teasing. :)