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| Posted in , , , | Posted on Monday, September 21, 2009

Because 1 pair and 1 tee ain't enough when they're this ridiculoid.

Mesh toe box and contrast stitching FTMFW!

Now it's easier to tell which is which

Speckled midsoles make me giddy

From tee to tongue

Boom boom paw

Paper paper paaaper

Black is beautiful

387150 003

Extra extra

Yes, I said RIDICULOID. Watch the GIFs I made.

Thanks for the hook up. You know who you are.


Comments (14)

damn!! you ballin sir!

that whole pack is dope... but that tee is FIRE! the glow graphic is insane!

- Ian

im broke lemme get a pair to resell

I wonder what time will people start to campout???


100 + are already in line as of 10pm Wednesday.

well i must say these are one of the hottest kicks in exsistence... cheers from wall st

a must cop

how many of these beauties will be up for sale?

how many is camping out

best shoe ever

How much is this, and how much does the nike park in fort bonfacio have?


so does it mean that you need to have a number and reservation for the shoe?

i thought you could just campout and fall in line for it?

can someone clarify it for me.
cause i was planning on camping out for it. sorry, i'm new to this.


^ People camped out for a couple of days then Nike handed out stubs Thursday noon. Without a stub, it'll be near impossible to buy a pair.

what are the chances of it being released again?
pls.. need a reply

would anyone be wiling to buy these for $500-$600?
or is it too much?

Did they release the shirt in women/youth sizes?