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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, September 08, 2009

People thought I wasn't going to return to my motherland. Ha! I'm back in town people. That was the best 2 and a half week vacation EVAR! Thanks to all who went out of their way to see me. My main kumpare from San Diego drove to San Francisco just to hang out. Thank you for all the gifts. Wow!

The flight home was awesome. I had a row of 4 seats all to myself (thanks Myke!) The food was surprisingly good and the old folks didn't clap when the plane landed (99% of the time they do). Some guy 5 feet from me threw up as soon as PR 105 touched down. I got my bags and ran down the aisle. Ha ha. He looked like he had ebola from the way he threw up. It was maybe that or the 5 movies he watched in 8X speed.

My vintage room was spotless when I got home. Now it's a mess after I unpacked two 20x20x20 boxes. If you don't hear from me that means I didn't buy your stuff. My boxes were 10 pounds overweight and I had little room left.

Now that I have more time on my hands, expect hundreds of photos to go up within the next few days.

Again, thank you very much. You all know who you are.

How should I update my site? Most recent to oldest? Or oldest to most recent?


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