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Saturday Central

| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, June 07, 2008

I finally got out of a self-induced seclusion and breathed some fresh air (if that's even possible in Manila) after months of doing the same routine, day after day after day.

I hit up my bestest homey, ex-gangster, ex-model, pimp
extraordinaire, cougar killer, motherhumper, turned boxer, A to the Zizzle for some Saturday afternoon drinks.

Before going to our favorite spot for tap beer, I had to drop this off. Hopefully, it'll help me do something productive very soon.

I was impressed with CJ's time lapse video which he posted on his top-secret site so I tried adding some elements to mine as well.

Let Me Ride from kingcrux31 on Vimeo.

Snapped some photos before this stupid guard asked if I had a permit to shoot photos. I let him hear it then turned my back on him. It's funny how he almost popped a vein trying to speak straight English even though I spoke to him in Filipino. I didn't even have a professional camera. What a dumbass.

Pano-Greenbelt 5

Greenbelt 3

Chapel nearby

Inside the mall

When I moved to San Francisco last year, I became a beer connoisseur (quasi-alcoholic) after my dear cousin JR schooled me on different brews on tap and bottle. Upon returning to Manila, he suggested I check out Grappa's in Makati if I want good tap beer. I didn't get to try it until his recent visit and I agree, Grappa's offers the best tap in town.

Visit the official site El Grande Concepts

or swing by...

Level 2, Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Center, Makati City,

175 Tomas Morato cor. Sct.
Castor Street, Quezon City

East Service Road,
Sucat, Brittany Bay

Harbour Square, CCP Complex
Roxas Blvd, Manila

Make sure to try all 3 taps! Classic, Weizen and Lager (115 pesos per pitcher)





We headed to Glorietta for some merienda

Window shopping FTW/FTL!

Yummy Indian food (Glorietta food court)

Chicken Biryani (115 pesos) and buttered chicken (105 pesos)

Nike Park

Went back to Grappa's for another round of drinks


Here's what I don't get. You go to the mall to give them good business and look at what they do to you in return.

Time in, time out

And you wonder why gas prices are so high

You STILL can't see me!


Notes: VE, man-hater, Forrest Gump runner, Ging's sibling, supermom, made a quickstrike appearance, chugged down a glass of beer, shared some laughs, blabbered about health stuff (snore) and kicked my ass in hoops 3-1.

After 10 years, I finally regained the title of "World Air Hockey Champion" from my man AZ after beating him 7-6.


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Come back to the bay...Gordon Biersch has Hefeweizen now...tastes like Paulaner

You only want me there to score us free pizza at GB. ha ha

i remember greenbelt distinctly when i was there 5 years ago. loved all the food places! nightlife was so-so...