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Friday the 13th

| Posted in | Posted on Friday, June 13, 2008

Superstitious folks fear this day. They always say stay home. Bad things will happen. Sorry but I don't believe in that crap. To me this day is the same as any other day. As long as I don't see Jason Voorhees zombieeing after me with a machete then I'm good. I went out, signed my life away and headed to the mall to kill time.

I was craving for Mexican food. Been going to this joint for 15 years now. It's nothing compared to taquerias in CA but it's all I've got here.

They called this combo # 6 for the longest time. Now it's combo # 5. Beef taco, chicken enchilada, rice and salad

Visited some old friends

Fila must be doing good in the Philippines. lol

Full catering service

and a cotton candy cart! Fruity indeed

SM Megamall is one of my fav malls. I used to live in this building. Ha ha.

What's the fuzz about?

Sitti was in the house. Visit SITTI

Bare feet!

I'm not big on local music but I enjoyed this group's performance even though it was my first time hearing them play. More info on SINO SIKAT?


I wanted mud pie from Dairy Queen but I was told it closed down a long time ago so I had to settle for this. The lady took around 10 minutes to prepare my milkshake. I almost left but I felt bad for her. Good thing it was good.

It was served in a feeding bottle. LULZ

This girl was selling mags so I bought one. Check my previous post entitled "The Need for Mead"

I want a pair of African lovebirds. Tweet tweet.


* HIK *

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Sino Sikat lead singer looks like Sarah Siverman.

She kinda does, huh?