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24-hour delivery

| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2008

What to do when it's 1am and hungry with no food around?

Dial or click 8MCDO

Total damage: 200 pesos (US$4.50) including tip

not so fresh small Mac

Still warm

I remember doing walk-thrus back in SF because the lobby closes at 10pm. People in their cars would look at me and I'd be like,"bums gotta eat too!" Ha ha ha.

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so mcdonalds delivers !? !? !? ? ?


I know you miss Jack in a Crack

we have 24hr MDs in hk, and they only make deliveries to office buildings tho

btw, can u have anyMORE things on ur page? hahaa


I do but I still can't believe I lived on fast food for that long. Ha ha.


24 hour lobby? Sweet. I'm looking to spend a night or two in Mickey D's when I visit HK soon. No hotel for me. lol

Oh, and I added another element to my layout. Ha ha ha.