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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, June 01, 2008

When I saw my man BEATSLIM in the comments section, I told myself I HAVE to post this photo. Real cool dude. I showed him around SF last year and we hit up most of the popular spots. Stingy motherfucker though. Remember In-N-Out? How are you gonna spend all that $$$ on gear and not have enough cash for soda?Ahahahaha. Just kidding man. Sorry you had to spend your lucky dollar bills. I went back to that Chinese joint we went to. The dude who owns it was looking for you. He said he reviewed the surveilance tape and saw you snatching some fish balls from the other table. Man, why are you always trying to get us in trouble? Word to Rush Hour 4. Hope all is well with you my man.

Brazil is waiting for us.


Shout out to and my man Mark Arcenal!

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