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Everyone's favorite skate shop, we Legendary, opened its 5th store yesterday in grand skate fashion with the release of the very limited Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 and the grand opening of the skate park. The 1,000 sqm project was developed by Ayala Land together with we Legendary, Flux Design Labs and Mountain Dew. Now both skaters and sneakerheads (maybe even hipsters) have a special place in Makati to call home. How cool is that?
 photo IMG_6897_zps814a622f.jpg

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 raffle participants.
 photo IMG_6898_zps07937501.jpg

The main man Mark we Legendary with Nate Burkey.
 photo IMG_6899_zpse275a938.jpg

Skaters patiently waiting for their turn.
 photo IMG_6900_zps1a356e6d.jpg

The smallest but most perfect we Legendary store. Perfect how? It has a skate park next to it!
 photo IMG_6901_zpsda6a56ef.jpg

Built by Mackie.
 photo IMG_6902_zpsa8731e98.jpg

 photo IMG_6904_zpsb76d21fd.jpg

 photo IMG_6908_zpsb239164a.jpg

Kenneth and Dante ready to rock out.
 photo IMG_6909_zps4dac693e.jpg

 photo IMG_6910_zps8bea5392.jpg

Kick game proper.
 photo IMG_6911_zps68e90255.jpg

So damn beautiful in person.
 photo IMG_6912_zps96b4d466.jpg

The winners.
 photo IMG_6913_zpsab437d4b.jpg

 photo IMG_6914_zps5c601b93.jpg

 photo IMG_6915_zpsa3110b6c.jpg

 photo IMG_6916_zps87181d71.jpg

 photo IMG_6917_zps925810de.jpg

 photo IMG_6918_zpsf187daa6.jpg

 photo IMG_6919_zps5bfc6a97.jpg

 photo IMG_6920_zps7f555c1d.jpg

 photo IMG_6921_zpsb21f7b75.jpg

 photo IMG_6922_zpsbce98e00.jpg

 photo IMG_6923_zps4bc6d022.jpg

Size 12 hopefuls.
 photo IMG_6924_zps312be9eb.jpg

The size 12 winner.
 photo IMG_6926_zps5572a6f1.jpg

Happy people.
 photo IMG_6927_zps1484ae0e.jpg

They all struck out. #NGANGA
 photo IMG_6929_zpsb36487c8.jpg

Start 'em young.
 photo IMG_6931_zps10012143.jpg

 photo IMG_6932_zps0f8de301.jpg

 photo IMG_6933_zps9382284d.jpg

 photo IMG_6934_zpsea746194.jpg

Yay! Food!
 photo IMG_6935_zps4cd0432f.jpg

Safety first.
 photo IMG_6936_zps50e542d6.jpg

First batch.
 photo IMG_6937_zps9fff473b.jpg

 photo IMG_6938_zps628d5ce6.jpg

A skate park must. No helmet, no skate!
 photo IMG_6939_zps4a6cf723.jpg

Time for some real fun.
 photo IMG_6940_zps93e6e640.jpg

 photo IMG_6942_zpsac9e6c42.jpg

 photo IMG_6943_zps967f7291.jpg

 photo IMG_6944_zps58f98743.jpg

 photo IMG_6948_zpsc1b65a8a.jpg

 photo IMG_6950_zpsbc8a291c.jpg

 photo IMG_6953_zpsd9c49697.jpg

 photo IMG_6954_zps1a46c4f8.jpg

 photo IMG_6955_zps3ff433b7.jpg

 photo IMG_6956_zps7834d2c3.jpg

What up Sanya! What up Ornusa!
 photo IMG_6957_zps452a3c1a.jpg

 photo IMG_6958_zps64b51ee5.jpg

AKA The Zombettes.
 photo IMG_6959_zpsd57fd4fb.jpg

Cheesesteak, fries and deep-fried Oreos. Mmmmm...
 photo IMG_6961_zps862d8f20.jpg

Kat and Nico (Flux Design Labs)
 photo IMG_6963_zpsee3bd447.jpg

Pushing weight.
 photo IMG_6965B_zps72fb0eb3.jpg

It's a Shakey's party!
 photo IMG_6966_zps85f02e9c.jpg

 photo IMG_6967_zpsf0a2a34f.jpg

Dot dot dot.
 photo IMG_6968_zpsb93ebc8e.jpg

Sheed chillin'.
 photo IMG_6969_zps671f78d1.jpg

First winner.
 photo IMG_6972_zpsf1b12ae0.jpg

Quick tv interview.
 photo IMG_6973_zpscf1c8861.jpg

Red-I on the 1s and 2s.
 photo IMG_6975_zpsaa47e859.jpg

 photo IMG_6976_zps375fe626.jpg

Skittles in my hand.
 photo IMG_6977_zpsaaf06b4e.jpg

we Legendary ladies.
 photo IMG_6978_zps5c94b6e1.jpg

Hong Kong represent!
 photo IMG_6980_zps3f35446b.jpg

 photo IMG_6981_zps9691a049.jpg

 photo IMG_6996_zpsbdcd0e88.jpg

BAE with Josh (True SF) and Miel.
 photo IMG_6997_zpsa25ec61b.jpg

 photo IMG_7004_zps0fa00910.jpg

 photo IMG_7005_zpseaadede2.jpg

 photo IMG_7011_zps062a0623.jpg

Best run winner Akuma!
 photo IMG_7018_zps62fd9d60.jpg

Best trick winner Jeff Gonzales.
 photo IMG_7019_zpsd89781f0.jpg

9 pm and still going.
 photo IMG_7023_zpsa7386bd7.jpg

 photo IMG_7028_zps0c264e63.jpg

 photo IMG_7030_zps56e690f3.jpg

 photo IMG_7038_zpsf20eddaf.jpg

Thank you, we Legendary and Flux Design Labs!
 photo IMG_7039_zpsfd3b0e4c.jpg

Jeff's broke his skateboard and continued skating until the night was over.
 photo IMG_7041_zpsbe50729f.jpg

 photo IMG_7055_zps3a852392.jpg

Anikka, Fats, Boom, PJ, Mark, Nico and Carla.
 photo IMG_7057_zps874038b2.jpg

wL x SBTG x Nike SB
 photo IMG_7058_zps36fdcc75.jpg

This is we Legendary and welcome to Circuit Makati Skate Park!
 photo IMG_7042B_zpsd951541c.jpg

Watch all the fun you missed. (click to play)

Looking to do something fun this summer? Visit Circuit Makati Skate Park and experience the thrill of skateboarding! Click HERE for the map. Need new skate gear? we Legendary Circuit got you covered from shoes to decks, trucks, wheels, apparel and accessories!

Monday - Thursday
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

10:00 am - 10:00 pm

9:00 am - 10:00 pm
(9:00 am - 10:00 am SKATE TUTORIALS)

10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Php 50 (3 hours maximum)

4:00 pm onwards
Php 100 (3 hours maximum with lights usage)

Saturday - Sunday
Php 100 (3 hours maximum with lights usage)

Congratulations we Legendary and Flux Design Labs! You just made the dreams of hundreds of people come true with this monumental project. I can't wait for the next one!

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