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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today I watched 24 of the country's top high school basketball players hoop it up at the Slam Philippines Rising Star Classic. The black team (Team Punks) was behind most of the game but came back and tied it with less than two minutes to go. The white team (Team Hype) sealed the win with a fast break play and a couple of free throws. Peep the photos and videos below. The game will be aired on Fox Sports at 8 pm, Sunday, April 20. (Hi Charskie!)
 photo IMG_7183_zpsb27199fb.jpg

For more updates visit the official Slam Philippines site HERE.
 photo IMG_7184_zps15437283.jpg

My first time here. This place is nice!
 photo IMG_7185_zps58d2cfef.jpg

The Future.
 photo IMG_7186_zps2a80969f.jpg

 photo IMG_7187_zpsd50215ed.jpg

 photo IMG_7189_zpsa088838a.jpg

 photo IMG_7190_zps831c28c1.jpg

Look at Rely and Dennis posing for the camera all the way from the other end of the court, lol.
 photo IMG_7193_zps5535d7b0.jpg

 photo IMG_7195_zpsad363138.jpg

 photo IMG_7197_zps3cc158ba.jpg

 photo IMG_7198_zpsa17a9e55.jpg

Play ball!
 photo IMG_7199_zpsf5f13c87.jpg

 photo IMG_7200_zpsd65e2c99.jpg

 photo IMG_7204_zpsc98e10ce.jpg

 photo IMG_7207_zpsf3b2e67d.jpg

Who wears Nike SB kicks to a basketball game? Us!
 photo IMG_7208_zpsa5f23744.jpg

 photo IMG_7210_zps0a40c2e6.jpg

Life savers during hot summer months.
 photo IMG_7212_zps2a1e4bc7.jpg

 photo IMG_7213_zps9915e12d.jpg

 photo IMG_7214_zpsf3c994d7.jpg

Cherifer mascot wanted a photo with these cool fellas.
 photo IMG_7215_zps2fb19d2b.jpg

Bliggidy Boom and Diggity Ace.
 photo IMG_7217_zps45654a1f.jpg

Nike and Titan peeps.
 photo IMG_7219_zps2fabe0ee.jpg

adidas and Under Armour folks are there somewhere.
 photo IMG_7220_zps2f445303.jpg

I spy Mike. (not Jordan)
 photo IMG_7221_zps73463657.jpg

The score before Team Punks' run. They almost won the game!
 photo IMG_7223_zps38da746e.jpg

Wow, Ace. WOW.
 photo IMG_7228_zps7cf9a5f4.jpg

 photo IMG_7233_zps518a824e.jpg

Watch a few clips from today's action. (click to play)

Thank you Titan for the invitation!

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