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| Posted in , , | Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I got an invitation from @wendellvans to check out the Black Scale x LAB.ISM launch at the Trilogy Boutique in Glorietta last night. I haven't seen Mega in about 7 years so I thought it would be cool to link up again with an old acquaintance that I met through HUF in San Francisco. Check out the store and pick up the new tees and hat before they are all gone. QUICK!
 photo IMG_1115_zps08872996.jpg

 photo IMG_1116_zps99a930e5.jpg

This tee, though!
 photo IMG_1117_zpsc81b2bb0.jpg

For the minimalist in you.
 photo IMG_1118_zps93af0aa9.jpg

Also available in black.
 photo IMG_1120_zps321b2ce3.jpg

I need this.
 photo IMG_1121_zpse5a33bf0.jpg

 photo IMG_1122_zpsa9608ab9.jpg

 photo IMG_1123_zps3860c79a.jpg

 photo IMG_1125_zpsee4c8f10.jpg

 photo IMG_1127_zps525f3399.jpg

Fashion stylist Mara and Lanie (Hellz Bellz/LABISM)
 photo IMG_1128_zps096b9904.jpg

Margaux, Skratchmark, Wendell and Erica.
 photo IMG_1135_zps037c6288.jpg

Lanie (Hellz Bellz) and Bam (GPPR) ISM
 photo IMG_1138_zps778845ec.jpg

Ben Baller Out of Scratch interview.
 photo IMG_1139_zps68d41d5e.jpg

 photo IMG_1150_zps28742929.jpg

Alexa, Lala, Krystle and Maria.
 photo IMG_1151_zps6d7ebff9.jpg

These three.
 photo IMG_1152_zps450781c1.jpg

Blucka, blucka.
 photo IMG_1154_zps5fbba7e5.jpg

Hey ladies!
 photo IMG_1156_zps0ea7de85.jpg

DJ Jena.
 photo IMG_1157_zpsf8318dd4.jpg

Draft for late dinner.
 photo IMG_1160_zps7d2c27f2.jpg

Then Imperial for the after party.
 photo IMG_1161_zpseb1542dc.jpg

Same beauties, different night.
 photo IMG_1162_zps29cb0a85.jpg

Wendell and Sanya.
 photo IMG_1163_zpsfe70c0b9.jpg

Miel and Josh (True SF)
 photo IMG_1164_zps71ce331b.jpg

Two As.
 photo IMG_1166_zps0ee83e3e.jpg

There he is! What up Mega. (he doesn't remember me, lol)
 photo IMG_1168_zps06034fd3.jpg

Lanie, Ben and Aubrey.
 photo IMG_1169_zps3318c304.jpg

Mandatory photo with Maria.
 photo IMG_1171B_zps22a681d9.jpg

 photo IMG_1172_zpsec039aa9.jpg

 photo IMG_1173B_zps0a6c36fc.jpg

 photo IMG_1174_zps66514726.jpg

I rep that West Coast shit.
 photo IMG_1175B_zps97f208b4.jpg

Power couple.
 photo IMG_1176_zps68fb3bf8.jpg

Nico (sp?) and Dianne.
 photo IMG_1177_zps5b66918c.jpg

 photo IMG_1178_zps7dc15927.jpg

Thanks for the tees!
 photo IMG_1179_zps680d453c.jpg

That early morning Borough goodness.
 photo IMG_1180_zpsb7633c59.jpg

I can't wait for LAB.ISM's next project!

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