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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two nights in a row at Imperial? Why not, especially when it's to show visiting friends from overseas a grand time. Turn up!
 photo IMG_1180_zps26c3d4c0.jpg

My Soul Kitchen angels.
 photo IMG_1181_zps1df56a0e.jpg

DJ Teaze.
 photo IMG_1182_zps99f4bce9.jpg

DJ Skratchmark water yew dewing.
 photo IMG_1183_zps1853e255.jpg

Two As is better than one.
 photo IMG_1188_zps8658c537.jpg

Lanie in the middle.
 photo IMG_1189_zps80f41f23.jpg

He is we Legendary.
 photo IMG_1192B_zps9f190e3e.jpg

This bottle of Dom Pérignon spilled on the table before the first glass was served. -_____-
 photo IMG_1193_zpsf55962de.jpg

Hands in the urrr!
 photo IMG_1195_zpsc88bd31c.jpg

New bottle.
 photo IMG_1197_zps4bb98891.jpg

Dianne and her friend.
 photo IMG_1198_zps0fdac633.jpg

 photo IMG_1199_zps3a110d41.jpg

Lala, Alexa and DJP.
 photo IMG_1201_zps4766a5d5.jpg

Lanie and Bam.
 photo IMG_1202_zps51d3030f.jpg

Imperial was packed!
 photo IMG_1206_zps22b1ba3f.jpg

 photo IMG_1207_zpsac47cfe3.jpg

 photo IMG_1208_zps67eeb877.jpg

New York, New York.
 photo IMG_1209_zps30c4d56a.jpg

VIP room with DXC dudes.
 photo IMG_1210_zpsc160d6e1.jpg

The Queen  Bae.
 photo IMG_1211_zpse0de7248.jpg

 photo IMG_1212_zps88181032.jpg

 photo IMG_1214_zps7b51ad08.jpg

Me and Maria. (not Maria and I)
 photo IMG_1216B_zps9ab67494.jpg

Al, Thea and George.
 photo IMG_1217_zps5ee04e02.jpg

Justine loves...
 photo IMG_1220_zps6685fc77.jpg

 photo IMG_1221_zps50df6c27.jpg

Bound 2.
 photo IMG_1222B_zpsb1cda149.jpg

 photo IMG_1223_zps7121b67a.jpg

 photo IMG_1224_zps82edf8cf.jpg

 photo IMG_1225_zpsaa16fc51.jpg

 photo IMG_1227_zpsfe1f1016.jpg

Crew love.
 photo IMG_1228_zps719f8f42.jpg

I throw up gang signs when I'm intoxicated.
 photo IMG_1229B_zps97cf6742.jpg

 photo IMG_1231B_zps714bc78f.jpg

 photo IMG_1236_zpsd6fb603b.jpg

What is juice?
 photo IMG_1238_zps37bcb4dc.jpg

Skratchmark with a fresh pair.
 photo IMG_1243_zps0076230f.jpg

Flat tire, Army Navy then this before dropping him off at Intercon Hotel. Tahooooo!
 photo IMG_1244_zps138a8c62.jpg

I've had a lot of crazy and fun memories at Imperial but this one takes the cake.

Safe flight back to LA, Bam, Lanie and Nico.

It was great seeing you all!

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