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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today was the biggest turnout for Sun-DAZED. Thank you all for coming! Met a lot of new faces and kicked it with the usual suspects. Hope you can make it again to the next one. Big shout outs to Mars and Aracama for letting us extend until 10:30pm. It usually dies down a little after 8pm but people stayed longer for the drinks, great music and chillout vibes. I hope you all had fun! I know I did. Thank you The Powder Room and Gourmet Footwear!

Yes, I do foolish things with interesting individuals. (look for me)

Dress better.
 photo IMGP0730_zps3ac9d5d7.jpg

The Powder Room girls Margaux and Erica!
 photo IMGP0731_zpsdc8d8012.jpg

With Sneak Peek's Anton.
 photo IMGP0732B_zps681603c6.jpg

Good 1st set by DJ SPNZ.
 photo IMGP0733_zpse008013c.jpg

Guess who?
 photo IMGP0736_zps8c4d6bea.jpg

Erica, Patricia and Jigs.
 photo IMGP0745_zpscb26663e.jpg

Leila (middle) visiting from Boston!
 photo IMGP0746_zpsa821f5b6.jpg

More guests.
 photo IMGP0748_zpsdb686442.jpg

 photo IMGP0749_zps62430efc.jpg

Chrizo and Mister we Legendary.
 photo IMGP0750_zps95bf79bf.jpg

 photo IMGP0751_zpsc0abfe11.jpg

 photo IMGP0752_zps2e1f1676.jpg

 photo IMGP0754_zps576d564e.jpg

 photo IMGP0755_zpsd26c9fc9.jpg

 photo IMGP0756_zps393bf1d0.jpg

 photo IMGP0757_zps2b119d90.jpg

 photo IMGP0759_zpsfba40b70.jpg

 photo IMGP0760_zpsa43046ac.jpg

 photo IMGP0761_zpsee194c94.jpg

I'm 34 years old and I still do duckfaces. Slap me please.
 photo IMGP0762B_zps05594774.jpg

Stephane's twins are so cute!
 photo IMGP0763_zpseccd2944.jpg

Winner winner Gourmet Footwear.
 photo IMGP0765_zpsf6c8db8a.jpg

Michael also brought home a pair.
 photo IMGP0766_zps73afb2b3.jpg

He's happy.
 photo IMGP0767_zpsb61ac768.jpg

 photo IMGP0768_zps3eb28f39.jpg

She goes by the name of Ms. Rage. Follow her @in_rage and find out what she's raging about.
 photo IMGP0770_zps95ca4b39.jpg

Hello? Yes, this is dog.
 photo IMGP0771_zps1b92d031.jpg

Angie, Kelly and Anikka.
 photo IMGP0773_zps409094be.jpg

Margaux ready to kill.
 photo IMGP0776_zpsc31f1bcd.jpg

 photo IMGP0777_zps679a90df.jpg

Third winner.
 photo IMGP0778_zps27eb2269.jpg

Last winner JR couldn't wait to rock his pair.
 photo IMGP0781_zps7dddc19f.jpg

 photo IMGP0783_zps56c48822.jpg

Jandric in the building!
 photo IMGP0784_zpsb3cec9c7.jpg

Mars killed it. I haven't heard him play a 90's hiphop/R&B set in years.
 photo IMGP0785_zpse2632da8.jpg

Hello, beautiful ladies.
 photo IMGP0786_zpsd861f599.jpg

 photo IMGP0787_zpsfb2d6fe0.jpg

Reppin' the 415.

 photo IMGP0788_zpsb695ae6d.jpg

It's Faye!
 photo IMGP0790_zpsdbfbb82e.jpg

I love these girls!
 photo IMGP0791B_zps5d12668b.jpg

 photo IMGP0792_zps45d9b25b.jpg

Shot! photo IMGP0793_zpsdadf8d86.jpg

 photo IMGP0794_zps08887548.jpg

Oh hey, it's Pam!
 photo IMGP0795_zps4c4c3b21.jpg

I went to school with the dude in the middle. I wonder if he still remembers me.
 photo IMGP0798_zpsab7ca9e0.jpg

Dee Jae Paeste with Cola and Sleepless in Seattle.
 photo IMGP0803_zpsd1a69908.jpg

 photo IMGP0807_zps7139e459.jpg

 photo IMGP0809_zps510f5bb3.jpg

 photo IMGP0810_zpsd2d7155f.jpg

 photo IMGP0811_zpscb7f3de4.jpg

 photo IMGP0812_zpsee158571.jpg

Before Nikes, Michael Jordan wore these.
 photo IMGP0815_zps15be1dcf.jpg

See you again in a few weeks!

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