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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 14, 2009

After a disappointing trip to Baja Mexican Cantina last night Martin (Solar Sports) told me that I should visit this Mexican joint in San Juan. I Googled with the quickness and saw a short review here.

I knew the place was legit as soon as I saw the photos. I told myself "I have to go for a visit ASAP!"

I bring to you the best Mexican joint in the Philippines.

Key words = slow food done right

The menu
. One of the owners said that more items will be added soon. I need to see CHIMICHANGA up there!

Here we go!

You get to choose what to put in your order. You can go half and half on the rice and meat!

There's my burrito. Want to taste it?



Imported beers from 180-400+ pesos

People rarely look up

Look how big that thing is! I say this is good for two if you're not heavy eaters.



House sauces FTMFW!

My own mix


Could've been better if it was ice cold

"As seen on"

Forget other Mexican joints.

From now on it's all about Ristras.
Make the trip. I guarantee you won't regret it.


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wish i could say it was an original concept but its an exact copy of the Chipotle chain of restaurants in the U.S. sans the big & authentic flavors.

to be fair, i've been there three times and sadly, found the seasoning to be on the salty side and the flour tortillas gummy & underdone.

ristras has the potential to be better than what it is but they have to work on their consistency. i'd love to have a great mexican restaurant like Chipotle in manila but if ristras does it right & good, i'd be just as happy having their food any day.

buen provecho!

im not really big on mexican food, but i agree with you - the fare they offer in ristras is MORE than satisfactory... i found it a little on the expensive side, but the servings are HUGE and the food IS good and satisfies!