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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, May 29, 2009

Who rests on their rest days?

Not me. Not this weekend.

Saturday was mad hectic for me. I watched Kobe rape Denver, again, then headed south to check out the Lebron VI MVP release. I arrived at Nike Park BHS after the doors opened at 12:23pm. I felt dumb when I asked the guy at the door to let me in. He probably thought I was cutting the line. I had to whisper through the gap between the two glass doors the words "Ms. Clavel" and "Niketalk." He had no clue what I was talking about. Maybe I should've said "I'm kingcrux31." Ha ha. I let myself in anyway.

I saw Miko and Toots at the counter with their pairs secured. There wasn't much going on so we left after I snapped some photos and headed to TGI Friday's. Thanks for lunch Miko!

Congratulations to those who got their pairs especially the dudes with serious dedication who were there as early as Thursday. Hats off to you. Hope you guys took a long bath after. :)

Toots, 48 hour campers, Miko

Triple double... all the time

I promise I won't call ugly people UGLY (including myself) anymore if God lets the Cavs win game 6.

After lunch, I headed back to Quezon City for the Ecko Unltd Art Battle (sponsored by Ms. Clavel Sneaker Magazine) at the cinema lobby of Trinoma mall. The main event was a live art installation by WeeWillDoodle and Pilipinas Street Plan.

TGI Friday's food. Thanks Donna and Angie! Send my regards to your boss (my kumpare).

No areosol allowed inside the mall

Some artworks

Registration table

I must've drank a gallon of iced tea. It was so hot where we were. :(

Ms. Clavel sticker girls

With Sam stalking from behind lol

I just had to

Celebrity guests Andy Smith and Jacq Yu (not related to Soulja Boy)


Move if you wanna (click to play)

Ecko store

Future endorsers?

What up Ivan! What up Katrina! I had to cover the sticker on my right side. Scroll down to see the funny sticker.

Back to the battle

With Ecko Unltd's Donna

Pogi side


Live art battle (click to play)

Donna and Steph with Valerie (May/June Kryptonate cover) and Onemig Bondoc. Yes folks, he is related to Jimmy.


Jacq again

Borgy was stoked to see a red rhino

Bunker represent

Again and again

WeeWillDoodle with Lyka (May/June Marc Ecko cover)

Finished product

I say this one takes the cake. I love the detail.

Sticker girls with Sam and Ryan

Dinner at Cyma

It wasn't really Ryan's birthday but we wanted some free ice cream and singing servers (click to play)

Ms. Clavel x Bunker x Massive Selector

Angelo, Lai, and Angelo's cucumber

What was on my right chest. Courtesy of Notti. Ha ha

Swag bag. Thanks Donna!

Stickers galore!

Much love to Donna, Ivan, Katrina (not Halili), Steph, TGI Friday's Trinoma, Ms. Clavel Fam (good job guys!), Miko, Jacq Yu and Andy Smith, Borgy (Bunker), Angelo (Massive Selector), Valerie and Onemig, Lyka, Sticker girls, Notti, WeeWillDoodle, Pilipinas Street Plan, Anarchy Promotions and to the rest who made the event a huge success. Dondi! Good to see you again man. Your Ma-ling story is hilarious. Check out his band TECHY ROMANTICS HERE. Last but not the least, thank you to those who went out of their way and braved the heavy traffic, rain and full parking lots just to be at the event. Hope you had fun!

Who would've thunked I'd be rokcing Marc Ecko gear? I got two words for you. Cut & Sew.

Visit the nearest Ecko Unltd branch near you to find out what I'm talking about.

Now it's time to get some zzz...

Sunday will be fun.

Go Cavs!!!

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KC, are those stickers still available? Nice stickers!

Yes, we hand them out during events.