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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2009

Had a few drinks with some friends to drown my sadness and to celebrate my jump.

Double celebration with the newlyweds

Mark and Kheiy (weLegendary) with Miko

The subject with the photographer

Timoteo and Alex in the house!

Camsur represent

Awesomeness (click to play)

The set started to slow down so we grabbed some Mexican food nearby. Look who rolled through. It's my main man Jay Roy! Last time I saw this guy was in SF back in 2007.

Agave's steak chimichanga. Yum.

Back to the club.

Her: "Have you seen Andy and his friend?"
Me: "lol"

Good times y'all!

Shout out to FabTrix and its staff for being such gracious hosts, the newlyweds Leo and Jaliza, Mitzl, Jacq Yu and Andy (tell your boy to man up, ha ha), Mark and Kheiy (midnight snack was yum!), Miko (good lookin' out on the bottle), JR, Alex, JJ and Meray, and last but not the least, my homeboy Jay!

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congrats king!

Thanks Anonymous! lol