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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

I first saw these on END and SNS early this year but with a price tag of $160, I had to pass and wait for them to go on sale. Fast forward to last week, an ad popped up on my social media feed featuring the same shoes and to my surprise, they only retailed for $120. I pulled the trigger right away when I saw not many sizes were available and only 1 size US10.5 was left. (They run small, hence the size bump.)

I was able to use a 30% discount that I've had since June and paired it with a Rakuten 10% cashback. Patience does truly pay off, eh? 

Not your average sneakers.

Super looooooong laces. 

A+ materials and construction.

Will definitely be worn to the ground in the coming months/years.

Trefoil stamp of approval. 

Not a true Superstar without the shell toes.

Do I go with hiking laces?

Or leather?

Please let me know if you ever come across a pair of the black ones in a US10.5 below retail!

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