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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sharing photos of a Nike store that not a lot of people have access to. It's the Nike Company/Employee Store in Beaverton, OR where everything is 50% off! Yes, even new arrivals. Thanks for the passes, man. You know who you are! #SF2007
 photo A_zpscfb4b429.jpg

The goods.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0001_zpsaa3296b5.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0002_zps232b0435.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0003_zps81312655.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0004_zps7545eb8a.jpg

Foamposite, Air Tech Challenge Huarache and Free OG
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0005_zpsed70870b.jpg

JB, KD and KB.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0006_zpsdeaceb80.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0007_zpsffae0693.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0008_zpse5a9fcac.jpg

Eep! "South Beach" Lebron XI for only $100.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0014_zps37586ed3.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0012_zps553c7698.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0013_zps6ed4da3c.jpg

   Last week the KD7 was available in men's for only $75. Now, only GS sizes are left.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0015_zps40adb929.jpg

Speckled Janoski.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0026_zps083aad94.jpg

Before you say that's it?,  keep in mind that new stocks move fast especially at 50% off. I wish they had the Flyknit Racer and Tech Fleece apparel but they didn't. Still, it's worth making the trip even if they don't have what "sneakerheads" look for. Where else are you gonna find new items this cheap? Not your local store. Not even your local outlet.

Don't believe me? Here's what the Nike store has at the Woodburn Premium Outlets in Oregon. Only 20% off? Nah, I'm good.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0027_zps1b056f8c.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0028_zps7e9b4e75.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0029_zps010206d0.jpg

   Nike Company Store loot.
 photo IMG-20140707-WA0034_zps452d72e4.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0035_zpsdf36ecd9.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0036_zps8b4dc94f.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0037_zps6d5eec4e.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0038_zps9ca80eaf.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0039_zps39e8771c.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0040_zpse7d3f211.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0041_zps9ba0f55a.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0042_zpsba04b7f1.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0043_zpse5b6a547.jpg

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0044_zps4e02f624.jpg

Before you go crazy and ask me to meet up for drinks I am not in the Pacific Northwest. I just assisted someone in securing passes and in return she snapped these photos for me. Please do not ask for passes because I have access to none. :)

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