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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013

Earlier this week, I received an invitation from Nike Philippines' new PR agency to the Kobe 9 media day. I haven't been to the Nike Philippines HQ all year (believe or not) so I said yes even though I knew my Thursday would be hectic as hell.

I've been meaning to take a photo of this billboard on EDSA for my homegirl Jill. She's madly in love with Derek Ramsey, lol.
 photo IMG_4381_zpsfcce63fd.jpg

0 mph so everybody sees me.
 photo IMG_4385_zpsb93cf865.jpg

2 hours from Quezon City to The Fort. Oh, that Christmas rush! -_____-
 photo IMG_4386_zpsb6a0dab3.jpg

It was pretty much over by the time I got there. Saw some familiar and not so familiar faces. 
 photo IMG_4387_zps3284295e.jpg

Nike's Andro Torres handed me the Kobe 9 so I snapped a few detailed photos. He asked me what I thought of the shoes. I said, "They're the most beautiful Kobe shoes ever... just hand me a pair of scissors to cut the boot."
 photo IMG_4388_zps09f7d051.jpg

Lunarlon insoles.
 photo IMG_4395_zpsfc41982e.jpg

It's a Swoosh, not a check.
 photo IMG_4397_zps44ca4af2.jpg

Carbon fiber panels.
 photo IMG_4398_zpsd46f3f02.jpg

A thing of beauty.
 photo IMG_4399_zps18b20f9d.jpg

 photo IMG_4401_zps06607388.jpg

 photo IMG_4402_zps220e13d8.jpg

 photo IMG_4403_zps960cb284.jpg

 photo IMG_4404_zps336c9bcc.jpg

 photo IMG_4405_zpsbf27f00a.jpg

I love speckles.
 photo IMG_4406_zpsea4b6057.jpg

 photo IMG_4407_zpse4102306.jpg

With Martin (Sole Movement) and the Kobe 9.
 photo IMG_4410B_zps7ef3f7f1.jpg

Your Daily Dose of Marc.
 photo IMG_4414B_zpse5f962ce.jpg

I squeezed my foot in a size 8.5 and threw my diamond in the sky.
 photo IMG_4417_zps873faf16.jpg

I'm gonna wear mine like this idc idc idc.
 photo IMG_4419_zps38c76a57.jpg

This camera is huge!
 photo IMG_4420_zps55b28efe.jpg

Kobe 2 > the rest.
 photo IMG_4421_zpsb1131205.jpg

I love what's on my feet.
 photo IMG_4424_zps57c805f7.jpg

How do I get to Marikina?
 photo IMG_4426B_zps06615a42.jpg

This was delish!
 photo IMG_4427_zpsd774038e.jpg

 photo IMG_4428_zps69c38b0e.jpg

Thank you for having me, Nike Philippines!

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