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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2013

My eldest son and I were invited by our good friends from Titan to check out their newly-opened Titan x LGR Design Studio at Ronac Art Center to design our own jerseys but since he wasn't available, I went on my own and met up with some good peeps. My 2 pm appointment was pushed back to 2:30 pm so I had enough time for Lunchbox. Lyonnaise, anyone?
 photo IMG_9813_zps53a4b57c.jpg

I'd eat that too.
 photo IMG_9814_zpsc610b1b6.jpg

Welcome to Titan x LGR Design Studio.
 photo IMG_9817_zps3f620e3d.jpg

Store walkthrough. (click to play)

Now you can customize your jerseys, jackets and warm-ups with the number 1 basketball concept store in the Philippines. Titan! Over a dozen swatches available in various colors (from old school jersey mesh to the latest dri-fit fabric). You can even have it customized to camo. Basketball leagues overseas should jump on this ASAP. No more getting scammed like THIS DUDE. Jersey and shorts set starts at $30, jacket starts at $50 and pants start at $30. That's way below what online sellers are asking for (even if you add shipping fees to the US). Plus you get expert craftsmanship by LGR who has been in the business for 25 years! Now that's true bespoke service. (lead time is 10-14 days)
 photo IMG_9818_zpse566f485.jpg

A taste of what Titan x LGR is all about.
 photo IMG_9819_zps271544c3.jpg

That detail, though!
 photo IMG_9820_zpsba44753c.jpg

For love of the game.
 photo IMG_9821_zps6b40d029.jpg

The Gods have spoken.
 photo IMG_9822_zps0cf0112f.jpg

 photo IMG_9823_zps70c1e86e.jpg

In a hurry to have your jerseys done? Choose from the rack and have it customized in minutes! (limited options available)
 photo IMG_9824_zps73c5886f.jpg

Let Ting take you through the whole process.
 photo IMG_9825_zps5b672a65.jpg

That poster!
 photo IMG_9827_zps5ce65b2b.jpg

Hey guys. How are things up there?
 photo IMG_9828_zps595fb1fb.jpg

Not bad for a restock day.
 photo IMG_9829_zps860bc77b.jpg

Blucka, blucka.
 photo IMG_9830_zpsed16917b.jpg

Mark wL got Swagger.
 photo IMG_9831_zps1822f2a0.jpg

Skratchmark got OGs.
 photo IMG_9832_zps844d3812.jpg

JC got the Knits.
 photo IMG_9834_zps07ca5476.jpg

Went up to The Deck and snapped this photo for Rhandy.
 photo IMG_9835_zpsfd164000.jpg

Your guest UNSCHLD SA for the afternoon.
 photo IMG_9836B_zpsa5148374.jpg

Sike! It's really Wendell who's on duty.
 photo IMG_9839_zpsa978d61f.jpg

Wine lady.
 photo IMG_9840_zps32a12cf7.jpg

This dude took forever to sell a tee, lol.
 photo IMG_9841_zps3410bfb3.jpg

The we Legendary takeover.
 photo IMG_9842_zps5cc0f316.jpg

Kick. Game. Proper.
 photo IMG_9844_zps24e7a646.jpg

What up, Skratchmark!
 photo IMG_9845_zps3ba82113.jpg

Laban Pilipinas!
 photo IMG_9846_zps813caf61.jpg

 photo IMG_9847_zps455c2013.jpg

 photo IMG_9850_zpsbe9474c0.jpg

 photo IMG_9852_zps4cb0e3ae.jpg

Mark wL dragged all of us on a food trip. First stop? Behrouz on Wilson St.
 photo IMG_9853_zpsb23e7410.jpg

I wanted some dim sum so we walked over to Gloria Maris. Hi Anj! You almond jelly, bruh?
 photo IMG_9854_zpsc263a438.jpg

Mackie calling his staff at Eat My GF to have more food delivered to us.
 photo IMG_9856_zpsbb29f6ab.jpg

 photo IMG_9857_zpsca908960.jpg

There's a burger buried underneath the chips.
 photo IMG_9858_zps0287b8ee.jpg

 photo IMG_9859_zps9cb843de.jpg

This was gooooooood. Thanks, Skratchmark!
 photo IMG_9860_zps0a5d137e.jpg

Back to Titan x LGR. I need this rug in my room.
 photo IMG_9864_zpsbbf88b5c.jpg

In between leagues? Pick up this tee!
 photo IMG_9865_zpsb48d4872.jpg

Last stop before heading home. I like this secluded spot on Gilmore Avenue. Visit D' Amburger for their Juicy Lucy burgers!
 photo IMG_9866_zps4aed52c0.jpg

Not bad for 160 pesos. Oh, and the imported beers are reasonably priced too.
 photo IMG_9868_zps64a36ced.jpg

Dip like a bawse!
 photo IMG_9870_zpsa0af77b0.jpg

I gotta wait for my eldest son to return from his HK trip so we can design our unis together.
 photo IMG_9871_zps35b80d43.jpg

Now you know where to go for custom made jerseys, shorts, jackets and warm-ups!
 photo IMG_9875_zps14971798.jpg

Hit them up, yo.
 photo IMG_9877_zpsa3a652d1.jpg

What's next for Titan?

Mall bound. DUN DUN DUN!

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